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Isaac Auta Popularly know as IsaacShed was born into a family steeped in very rich Christian heritage on November 23, 1998 in Kawo (Kaduna State Nigeria).

He attended St Patrick Catholic School and Police Children School Mopol9 for his Nursery and Primary education and Amazing Intelligence College secondary education. He is currently an undergraduate Of Yaba College Of Technology, Yaba, Lagos State .

Isaac has certificate in Computer Operation, and other Digital Skills. Ever since he has being growing efficiently and consistently as to result of his persistence and consistency. As due to such course he has launched multiple unique platforms to provide sufficient solutions to problems

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  1. 1. Zioniteblog.com
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  3. 3. iShedOff Management
  4. 4. Co-Owned NextVerse Digital

Yaba College Of Technology

National Diploma In Computer Science

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Certificate of Computer Operator

Amazing Intelligence College

West African Senior School Certificate Examination


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Social Media Management

I absolutely know how to turn your social media pages to an extraordinary one, Starting from content update, traffic buildng and also increase your page followers


How unique you look matters, It determines how you're valued.with my ability in branding i can craft or create a memorable identity for you which will captivates your target audience.

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Do you want to increase in brand awareness or want more online sales and leads? Then get your online advertising running with no limitation and mediocrity! I can create social media trend or make your content Viral and also create your best-fit banner ads sizes of any kind and source for the perfect online advertising platform that suits your brand.


My promotions are strategic as i work with like-mind as mine to archieve my client goals are and expectation in accord to his/her budget


Be a team player and also offers a third party contributions and partnership to an organisation or company providing absolute solutions (Entertainment and Digital wise )

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I provide an support Unlimited service to random persons whomever is dim fit and is lucky


I was Late : How I Screwed Up On Valentine 2019


Excuses Are Not For Broken Hearts

I guess she woke up expecting a lovely text message that might get her smiling and all loved, craving for me to make  a call so she could hear my voice listening to the lovely words i will say which would have define the beauty of  her day even in the absence of my presence so  she could say to her friends with a beautiful smile reflecting on her face of  embedding how  the words i use cut through her heart, My Date was more lovely than that of any of you. i can imagine the moment up my head writing this.
 But you know you don't know what to expect, its not everything you wish for you get especially from weird  souls (Like Me ).

          Initially i had the feeling i was gonna screw up starting from our chat a day before but who cares ( Life of a Sagittarius )  went off to bed without a goodnight nor words that will make her smile having those sweet dreams as usual, i guess i was drunk in feeling or self-fish that i even left her messages not attended.
waking up the next day i have  no regret for my actions.  so i sent that goodmorning message she never answered though but rather demanded for continuation of our last night conversation, i for sure saw the messages but i cant keep  up with my promise from the conversation so i let it slide left it unread and focus on my daily activities as usual surfing the internet.

As at the time i will respond to her messages it was 6pm and she was already upset! i was suppose to be eloquent exercising the guy code rules and having the sense of making her smile if the truth was gonna hurt her on my reply, but stupid me  i went all in acting faithful and truthful 'Honest boyfriend ' ( Actually I am ). but who cares about the truth "I Was Busy Running a Web Design" at this crucial point in time ? Who does that ? i only get to realise when the message had been read and she was already typing, i got soaked all up  knowing i cant stop the fire from rising anymore.

The word 'REALLY ?' from an upset lady should let you know what i officially signed up for or was facing on a valentine Evening That moment where you get to see almost everyone around you on a red and white dress engaged in there various activities while i was at the beach alone making dial calls that i so know wont be attended too.

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